Christoph Renhart — miroirs noirs
Christoph Renhart, miroirs noirs
Christoph Renhart, miroirs noirs

Within the silky matt black of a level surface, gestures and movements tumble about like lost moths against a glass wall. They are pale forms without contours whose outline can only be intuited as shadows. The silhouettes of these “dis-mirrored” objects, which have previously remained obscure, convey an intimation of their actual shape, appearing like blurred memories.
In miroirs noirs such indistinct echoes are encountered in many moments. Figures that are instantaneously reflected seem closer, whereas the counter-image of more extended processes become discernible only in time.

In my piece I wanted to create a perspective of recollection. At the same time, the sea of past gestures and fragments forms a stream whose course follows a predetermined dramaturgical concept. In a striking plunge, the piece collapses at the zenith of a long, eruptive phase even before it has passed its midway point.
During the following sequences the piece repeatedly resumes its course directed towards the summit, but nonetheless it continually loses height. Informed by thoughts from the past and pulverised by the cataracts of time, it persistently takes its course towards a final low point – amidst a desert of dust the stream runs dry in the estuary of its memories.

miroirs noirs was written between January and June 2016. The piece itself is a blurred counter-image to my work Échos éloquents, which was created at the same time as miroirs noirs. Both pieces draw on their material – like two sibling volcanoes – from a single magma chamber. (Christoph Renhart, 2016)