Aureliano Cattaneo — Parole di Settembre

In this piece various modes of speaking converge, resulting in a journey into perspective.
(Aureliano Cattaneo)

Around the middle of the 15th century, the saints become more animated: it is Andrea Mantegna (1431 – 1506), only eighteen at the time, who breathes life into them with his masterful frescoes at the Capella Ovetari in Padua’s Chiesa degli Eremitani. Space, body and perspective revolutionise Venetian art, which was hitherto strongly influenced by Byzantine traditions.

Edoardo Sanguineti (1930 – 2010), one of Italy’s most important poets, has dedicated a cycle of poems to his fellow-countryman. Aureliano Cattaneo (*1974), a close friend of the author for many years, has set a selection of these 15 poems to music. His song-cycle in three parts for baritone, counter tenor and soprano is linked by two frottole.

AROTIN & SERGHEI, the artist duo, created a visual installation entitled Infinite Screen, inspired by Andrea Mantegna’s work, to accompany the world première of Parole di settembre. The installation is mounted in collaboration with museum in progress and continues to be on display in public space as work in progress.

Poetry is transformed into music, which the excellent soloists performed with equal intensity as the Klangforum ensemble […] The visualization of the artist duo Arotin & Serghei [...] transformed the evening into a great multimedial event, without covering the music as a “spectacle”. Enthusiastic applause after a short 70 minutes. (Die Presse, October 12, 2013) 

As always, the musicians of Klangforum Wien enchant with their emotional precision, immediacy and virtuosity, conducted superbly by Michael Wendeberg. […] Enthusiastic applause followed the landing. (Der Standard, October 12, 2013) 

All fabulously executed by Klangforum Wien, conducted by Michael Wendeberg. (Wiener Zeitung, October 11, 2013) 


In this piece various modes of speaking converge, resulting in a journey into perspective.
(Aureliano Cattaneo)

2 October 2015
8 p.m.
Venedig, Teatro alle Tese Biennale di Venezia Parole di settembre

Aureliano Cattaneo — Parole di settembre

with installation and live projection by
AROTIN & SERGHEI — Infinite Screen

Donatienne Michel-Dansac, Soprano
Andrew Watts, Countertenor
Otto Katzameier, Bassbaritone
conductor: Johannes Kalitzke

10 October 2013
Vienna, Konzerthaus, Großer Saal Langstrecke Parole di Settembre UA

Aureliano Cattaneo — Parole di settembre I-III UA

Donatienne Michel-Dansac, soprano
Daniel Gloger, countertenor
Otto Katzameier, baritone

Arotin & Serghei, visuals
conductor: Michael Wendeber