© Markus Sepperer
© Jörg Hejka

Participation is open to everyone

Following Björn Wilker’s solo percussion performance Schlagen, the audience will be invited to take part in a workshop. By using a specially arranged ensemble of instruments made of wood, metal and hide, certain parts of the piece will be repeated in a simplified version and finally combined to form a short piece of their own. This way, every participant is given the opportunity to playfully recreate some of the basic structures of the piece they’ve just heard. No prior knowledge or special abilities are required. Participation is open to everyone.

Björn Wilker — Schlagen. Music created from the instrumentarium of Iannis Xenakis’s Psappha

I always thought it a pity to be able to make use of my wonderful and elaborate arrangement of instruments, which I assemble for Psappha, for this one piece only. Too many possibilities remained unexplored. Schlagen was born from the idea of creating another piece of music based on the same set-up of instruments as Xenakis’s Psappha.

Starting from a playful contact with the instruments, however, the creative process increasingly turned into one of simultaneously inventing and mastering a new, separate instrument. The possibilities of sound and technical deployment laid out by the set-up for Psappha fuelled inventions which, in their turn, had an impact on the choice of instrumentation. The set-up influenced my ideas; the ideas influenced and modified the set-up. This resulted in an arrangement which was considerably more complex than the original one. Schlagen does not aim to establish any connection with Psappha. Making use of the newly created instrumentarium, Schlagen goes its own way.

Participation is open to everyone

7 June 2015
9 a.m.
Amsterdam ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune Nachschlagen
24 May 2015
9 a.m.
Vienna, Konzerthaus ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune Nachschlagen
3 May 2015
9.15 a.m.
Cologne, Philharmonie ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune Nachschlagen