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Klangforum Wien's musicians open their doors to composers and invite all of them to contact them in order to exchange ideas and aks questions about their new works.

We will forward your request to the respective musician.

Contact us!

We think — we work.

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Each Sunday at 6 pm CET we present a live stream in cooperation with the streaming platform for classical music IDAGIO-Live.

Liza Lim

What is it? What new instrumental sounds are a result of this? What comes first for a composer: music or the sounds of nature? Is this the current thinking for collaborations?

The video starts May, 24th 2020 at 6 pm CET.

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Liza Lim
    — Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus

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AURA — Concert Cycle 2020/2021

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— Georg Friedrich Haas
"THE LITTLE I AM I" a free Theater play for children now available for free in German and Arab! (4+)
For all stressed-out parents and children tormented by boredom, here you have the possibility to stream “The Little I am I”, a production of the picture book classic written by Mira Lobe and illustrated by Susi Weigel.
The legendary musical theatre was produced by netzzeit, in the composition of Georg Friedrich Haas and the Klangforum Wien and under the direction of Bas Wiegers.

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Klaus Lang — linea mundi.

Our world is not just how we perceive it, is is precisely this: how we perceive it. more

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Alberto Posadas— Poética del Espacio

How is space inhabited in a listening process? By the location and positioning of the sonic source? The medium for transmitting the sound? Does it generate new poetic and perceptive relations more

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