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24  musicians from ten different countries represent an artistic idea and a personal approach that aims to restore to their art something that seems to have been lost - gradually, almost inadvertently - during the course of the 20th century, which  gives their music a place in the present and in the midst of the community for which it was written and for whom it is crying out to be heard.


POWER-SPACE. The New Subscription Series

New Music creates a field of highly diverse forces. Spiral-shaped, it expands our perceptions and perspective. It allows our sense of space to unfold and release hitherto undreamt-of dynamics. more

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Call for Viola Player

Klangforum Wien is offering the position of a viola player (male/female). more

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Rebecca Saunders — Scar

World premiere, May 2, 2019, Acht Brücken Festival
It is impossible to name or say at this stage, but central primary thoughts follow two threads. more

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