28 March 2020
5.00 pm
Tongyeong, Tongyeong Concert Hall, Black Box Tongyeong International Music Festival Satyricon — CANCELLED
© Laura Malmberg

In these loosely linked scenes out of roman author Titus Petronius' "Satyricon", which are up to be freely arranged and supplemented with additional recordedings, Bruno Maderna depicts a society collapsing due to its decadence. In this state of pure isolation, music is the only solace for these shattered souls. A new production directed by Michael Sturminger.

Bruno Maderna — Satyricon

Stage Director: Michael Sturminger
Assistant Director: Adriana Hernandez Flores
Stage Design, Costumes, Projections: Marie Sturminger, Paul Sturminger
Camera and Lighting: Sophia Wiegel

Scintilla, Cirisde, Quartilla: Anna Quadrátová
Fortunata: Cornelia Sonnleithner
Trimalchio: Martin Mairinger
Eumolpus, Niceros: Zachary Wilson
Sabinas: Hugo Paulsson Stove

Cantando Admont
Musical supervision: Cordula Bürgi
Klangforum Wien
Conductor: Claire Levacher