14 September 2016
9 p.m.
Florenz, Tepidarium del Roster, Giardino dell´Orticultura Firenze Suona Contemporanea Fallen Falls (video-concert) UA UA
(c) Erwin Wurm, Fallen Falls (Filmstill)

Andrea Cavallari, not only composer, but also visual artist, has invited Erwin Wurm to create a composition together. The first performande of Fallen Falls on the occassion of the festival opening 2106 is for sure a special concert evening as well as an example of the the value of both - fine art and music - at the Firenze Suona Contemporanea.

Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco UA
Erwin Wurm/ Andrea Cavallari — Fallen Falls (video-concert) UA
Gérard Grisey — Vortex temporum

video: Erwin Wurm
Giulia Peri, Soprano
Bernhard Zachhuber, clarinet
Florian Müller, piano
Michele Greco, sound- and videodesign

The composers about their new pieces:
Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco
Andrea Cavallari — Fallen Falls (video-concert)

Video extracts (7:34)
Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco & Andrea Cavallari/Erwin Wurm — Fallen Falls, Firenze Suona Contemporanea 2016

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