6 August 2019
6 p.m.
Salzburg, Stiftung Mozarteum, Great Hall Salzburger Festspiele Time with Dusapin II

‘I write music because I would otherwise forget it’, remarks Pascal Dusapin, who puts what humanity cannot forget — because it is engulfed in a web of mysteries — into modern-day sounds. The expressive power of his music feeds on a sense of line that is always vocal in character, but can still generate explosive tension — by way of dense polyphonic textures and harmonies that shimmer mysteriously due to their micro-intervals. (Salzburger Festspiele)

Pascal Dusapin — Attacca
   — Ohé
   — Coda
   — Cascando
   — Jetzt Genau!
Anton Webern — Symphonie Op. 21
   — Quartett Op. 22
    — 6 Stücke Op. 6

Olivier Vivarès, clarinet
Andreas Lindenbaum, cello
Florian Müller, piano
conductor: Emilio Pomàrico