Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco

Time, stretched to the extreme – like after jumping off, so to speak –, slowly shifting harmonic constellations. Various patterns of movement, vibrato, modifications, regular and irregular pulsations keep arising from interferences created by the slow sounds in constant glissando more

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Georg Friedrich Haas — das kleine ICH BIN ICH

Mira Lobe’s „the little I AM ME“ is a great work of art. It’s not only the content which is inspired – its simplicity, perspicuity, and its moral aspirations – but also its language is art at the highest level. more

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If it wasn't for him, I would have become someone else. On the occasion of Friedrich Cerha's birthday — Georg Friedrich Haas

For a long time he didn’t talk about it. Only when he was asked. But I never asked him. more

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Hanna Eimermacher Music Theatre for 12 Musicians and 3 Singers

I would like to create a type of musical theatre which, from the very beginning, combines elements of sound, movement, imagery, visual structures and space to offer a cumulative sensation. more

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Peter Jakober — Substantie

„By substance I understand what exists in itself and is conceived through itself; that’s to say something the concept of which does not rely on the concept of another thing for its formation.”  (Baruch de Spinoza)


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Working like an investigator — Otomo Yoshihide and Erwan Keravec interviewed by Mats Gustafsson

Some 150 years separate the first appearance of a turntable in a concert hall from the application for a patent for a new type of instrument designed by a Mr. Sax. True – that covers a few generations. But that is nothing compared to the distance in time to the oldest preserved bagpipe from the 15th century. more

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The Tailwinds of Old Stories. About Beat Furrer’s Approach to Myths — Uwe Kolbe

Beat Furrer’s musical oeuvre derives from two points of origin; it is part of them, encompasses them and keeps returning to them, over and over again. It has two pivotal points – in spatial terms: one to the left and one to the right, or: an eastern and a western point. more

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