Thomas Simaku — Klang Inventions

Specific instruments take a leading role in the musical argument at strategic stages of the formal structure, and are highlighted for their colour, virtuosity and their expressive qualities. more

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Evis Sammoutis — Secret Garden

Animal sounds play an important role in my works and animals play a big role in many of Arshak’s [Sarkissian] drawings. more

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Bernd Richard Deutsch — Murales

I often thought of Jackson Pollock, of the rhythm and swing in his works, of the nearly cosmic energy that he sets free and captivates. And, above all, of his large-scale "Mural". more

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Friedrich Cerha — Kurzzeit

This work is without melodics or themes. As if out of nowhere, a multi-coloured, polyrhythmic web is created by the superposition of rapid sound-repetitions in the individual parts. more

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Jeff Weston — houses

My work aims to invite experiences of the subtle, often through moments of floating time. more

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Agata Zubel — Bildbeschreibung

He and she, trapped in a picture, enclosed in frozen time. more

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Klaus Lang — der pythagoräische fächer.

Wherein does music reside? Is it in the head of the composer? Is it in the score, in the concert, in the head of the person who listens? In this sense, "der pythagoräische fächer." and other works that I have written, are more closely linked to the scores of the 16th and 17th century. more

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Art, Politics, Music and Economic Life. Participation, Intervention, Transgression of Competence, Obligation. Notes on Klangforum Wien’s Political Engagement.

Instead of confining themselves to the mere interpretation of musical scores, the musicians of Klangforum Wien have time and again transformed the concert stage into a political forum. more

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Arturo Fuentes — Carlota's Room

A monodrama about the unhappy Belgian princess Charlotte who was gradually overcome by madness. After the death of her husband she continued to write letters to him for 60 years. more

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With SCAN, its young concert project on the fringes between interpretation and improvisation, Klangforum Wien strikes out in a new direction with the aim of shedding a fresh and different light on composed music by means of re-instrumentation, improvisation, electronics, fragmentation and re-constitution of the parts. more

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