Agata Zubel — Bildbeschreibung

He and she, trapped in a picture, enclosed in frozen time. more

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Klaus Lang — der pythagoräische fächer.

Wherein does music reside? Is it in the head of the composer? Is it in the score, in the concert, in the head of the person who listens? In this sense, "der pythagoräische fächer." and other works that I have written, are more closely linked to the scores of the 16th and 17th century. more

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Art, Politics, Music and Economic Life. Participation, Intervention, Transgression of Competence, Obligation. Notes on Klangforum Wien’s Political Engagement.

Instead of confining themselves to the mere interpretation of musical scores, the musicians of Klangforum Wien have time and again transformed the concert stage into a political forum. more

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To the Common Good ! — The Movies and the Compositions

World premiere, February 8, 2019, Stuttgart, Eclat Festival
The twenty women artists will create ten animated films and ten new compositions to accompany these films in close co-operation with Klangforum Wien. Various aspects of the Common Good Economy, its chances and risks, its theory and practice, will be brought up for discussion through the medium of animated film, music and by means of advanced participatory forms of music theatre. more

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Elisabeth Schimana — Virus #3.3

World premiere, November 11, 2018, Semperdepot, Wien Modern
In the "Virus series" I opted for the language most familiar to me – live generated electronics – listening. more

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Jan van de Putte — Cette agitation perpétuelle, cette turbulence sans but

World premiere, November 8, 2018, Series Muziekgebouw / November Music
This is a world in which thoughtfulness – whether right or wrong – seems to lose its value and is replaced by people "surfing" on the surface of things. more

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Rebecca Saunders — Of sound and fury (Working Title)

World premiere, May 2, 2019, Acht Brücken Festival
It is impossible to name or say at this stage, but central primary thoughts follow two threads. more

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Vinko Globokar — Bouquet de paramètres sauvages

Worl premiere, November 15, 2018, Slowind Festival
I hope that in this Bouquet every member of the audience will discover their wild flower. more

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Nina Šenk — Gouache

World premiere, November 15, 2018, Slowind Festival
My approach to a new composition originated from the selection of colours - the chosen colours dictated the patterns and structures of the piece. more

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Wolfram Schurig — fünf ostinati

World premiere, November 21, 2018, Wien Modern
The term "ostinato" serves as metaphor for everything that seems to be familiar – my insistence on the kind of inventory in which, with the passage of time, I have made myself at home. more

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