Franck Bedrossian — Epigram

In following the path of Emily Dickinson’s work the reader is always on his own because the american poet has never presented his poems within cycles or chapters that can guide us through, or direct our progression in a clear and explicit way. more

Andrew Gerzso — Creating a Community of Shared Values: The Key to Success in the Arts?

Organizations promoting the arts are faced with challenges – due to social, cultural and economic factors – that are unique to our time. One of the main challenges involves getting the attention and involvement of the public in the activities proposed by an arts organization more

Luboš Mrkvička — For Large Ensemble, Part D

From the moment I have started composing I felt somehow reluctant to give titles to my compositions. more

Bernhard Lang/ Jonathan Meese — ParZeFool/ MONDPARSIFAL

Today, 135 years after its world premiere at the Bayreuth Festival, Parsifal is one thing above all: an enormous, gargantuan mass of text.  more

Always the Same and Always Different On the Music of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati

The most beautiful mysteries are those that allow for a variety of answers – this was the tenet of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, an artist who pursued a tireless quest for the new. more

Hans Zender — Music Between Logos and Pathos

In the tradition of Chinese language and writing, the character for “music” has a second meaning, which is “joy”. more

Eva Reiter – Noch sind wir ein Wort… [Still We Are A Word…]

Today, I engage with subtle, social processes. The fascination with the nature and motivation of our own actions as well as with the multi-layered concept of social interaction has played a significant part in my compositional work for quite some time now. more

Bernhard Gander — Cold Cadaver With Thirteen Scary Scars

The sheet of music is empty, cold and lifeless. With my pen I’m inscribing the paper with characters, imprints, which look like wounds and scars. more

Michael Wertmüller — discorde

To point it out, right at the beginning: Class Struggle simply sounds great! Of course we can’t talk about a class struggle in a Marxist sense in this particular context... more

Oxana Omelchuk — domkrat polej i pustot

The composer today has lost the romantic state of an inventor long ago: every artistic material is loaded with a content of meaning and the attempts to find a new sound leading to nothing but tautology. more