Unrivalled peculiarity. Reviews from Donaueschingen

The Donaueschinger Musiktage is the oldest and most renowned festival for new music worldwide. For the ninth time, the Klangforum Wien performed in Donaueschingen. A few press reviews (in German only) more

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Eduardo Moguillansky — Resilienztraining

The piece is constructed in the shape of several attempts at a continuing expansion. It could also go further. more

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Koka Nikoladze — 21.10.18

The keyword I had in mind when composing "21.10.18" was "immediacy" — something I’ve been missing a lot when working with common notation in the traditional manner. more

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Mirela Ivičević — Case White

I consider sound a space of freedom to imagine the seemingly impossible. more

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Francesco Filidei — Ballata No. 7

My "Ballate" do not simply evoke a Romantic form; beyond that, they are also parts of my path on the way to a comprehensive construction process. more

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Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann — Siray III - Cuadrados Concéntricos

The idea of weaving does show itself in all "Siray" pieces particularly in the way the instruments interact and interweave with one another as they create contrasting musical textures. more

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Thomas Simaku — Klang Inventions

Specific instruments take a leading role in the musical argument at strategic stages of the formal structure, and are highlighted for their colour, virtuosity and their expressive qualities. more

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Evis Sammoutis — Secret Garden

Animal sounds play an important role in my works and animals play a big role in many of Arshak’s [Sarkissian] drawings. more

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Bernd Richard Deutsch — Murales

I often thought of Jackson Pollock, of the rhythm and swing in his works, of the nearly cosmic energy that he sets free and captivates. And, above all, of his large-scale "Mural". more

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Friedrich Cerha — Kurzzeit

This work is without melodics or themes. As if out of nowhere, a multi-coloured, polyrhythmic web is created by the superposition of rapid sound-repetitions in the individual parts. more

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