To the Common Good ! — The Movies and the Compositions

World premiere, February 8, 2019, Stuttgart, Eclat Festival
The twenty women artists will create ten animated films and ten new compositions to accompany these films in close co-operation with Klangforum Wien. Various aspects of the Common Good Economy, its chances and risks, its theory and practice, will be brought up for discussion through the medium of animated film, music and by means of advanced participatory forms of music theatre. more

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Gerd van Looy — The Observer as Part of the Experience (A Short Self Portrait)

Since the beginning of the 21st century and – together with the rise of internet, peer-to-peer and sharing culture – "new music" has entered a new time zone. more

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Enno Poppe — The already Established and the New Ensembles

Young composers are in need of young musicians. The collaboration with musicians who belong to their parents’ generation is important, instructive and good. more

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Nina Šenk — Gouache

My approach to a new composition originated from the selection of colours - the chosen colours dictated the patterns and structures of the piece. more

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Vinko Globokar — Bouquet de paramètres sauvages

I hope that in this Bouquet every member of the audience will discover their wild flower. more

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Wolfram Schurig — fünf ostinati

The term "ostinato" serves as metaphor for everything that seems to be familiar – my insistence on the kind of inventory in which, with the passage of time, I have made myself at home. more

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Elisabeth Schimana — Virus #3.3

In the "Virus series" I opted for the language most familiar to me – live generated electronics – listening. more

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Jan van de Putte — Cette agitation perpétuelle, cette turbulence sans but

This is a world in which thoughtfulness – whether right or wrong – seems to lose its value and is replaced by people "surfing" on the surface of things. more

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Unrivalled peculiarity. Reviews from Donaueschingen

The Donaueschinger Musiktage is the oldest and most renowned festival for new music worldwide. For the ninth time, the Klangforum Wien performed in Donaueschingen. A few press reviews (in German only) more

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Eduardo Moguillansky — Resilienztraining

The piece is constructed in the shape of several attempts at a continuing expansion. It could also go further. more

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