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Agata Zubel — Cleopatra's Songs

Inspired by
-  a time that no one can remember;
-  a love that historians conceal behind the cynicism of mercantile interpretations;
-  a legend that proves stronger than history;
-  the words of a poet who wove HER life story into the finest of verse;
-  a land now sunk under the sea, but still firing our imagination with its splendour;
-  and, finally, by the woman HERSELF – a queen and goddess – smart, imperious, charismatic, brave, extravagant, sharp-witted, tough, eloquent; bursting with energy; renowned for her valour, wisdom, ambition and determination; proud and indomitable, rich, stubborn and spoilt – simply unequalled.
Though her true image – like the sound – has irrevocably been lost.
There is much that we do not understand about her. Still, these gaps make her mythic attraction even stronger. Brilliance and greatness. Personality.
And she loved till the very end
—Agata Zubel, 2017

 in Werke
21 November 2018
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall Wien Modern Erste Bank Kompositionspreis UA EA

Composer, singer, bundle of energy and one-off phenomenon – Agata Zubel, winner of this year’s Erste Bank Composition Prize 2018, will perform live on stage. Inspired by Shakespeare, her hard-hitting mono-drama "Cleopatra’s Songs" is about one of history’s strongest women. The Klangforum Wien will also give the first performance in Vienna of Friedrich Cerha’s most recent work for ensemble,"Kurzzeit". The evening will begin with a major world premiere, Wolfram Schurig’s "fünf ostinati das vaterland zu besingen" based on poems by Daniela Danz, in which the writer examines what holds Europe together. (wien modern)

Agata Zubel — Cleopatra's Songs Austrian premiere
Friedrich Cerha — Kurzzeit
Wolfram Schurig — fünf ostinati
World premiere

Agata Zubel, Soprano
conductor: Johannes Kalitzke

With the kind support of SKE / austro mechana.

The composer Wolfram Schurig on his new composition:
Wolfram Schurig — fünf ostinati