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Martino Traversa — The lost horizon

Compared to the most recent compositions of the former years, whose common denominator was attributable to a sort of "utopian poststructuralism" (Gaetano Mercadante), this piece looks for a possible "third way". The result is a different musical conception that comes out of a repossession of the past, consisting in particular in a re-reading of the works of twentieth-century French great artists and musicians. The purpose is to regenerate musical discourse, also through a reinvention of syntactic mechanisms that best respond to the linguistic complexity of contemporary music, free from the conditioning of a lexicon and gestures (alas) now too much abused. Nevertheless, these mechanisms are also distant from solutions that are both simplistic and poor in content. Everything on track with the great European musical and cultural tradition.

The lost horizon is a piece for trumpet and ensemble written for Anders Nyqvist and Klangforum Wien.

—Martino Traversa, 2019

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