Sandro Boticelli, Mappa dell´ Inferno
Sandro Boticelli, Mappa dell´ Inferno

Yann Robin — Übergang

Übergang draws from the idea of a transitional state from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo Thödol, which means “libration by hearing in intermediate states”: bardo (intermediate state) thö (hear), dol (liberate). The Bardo Thödol describes the states of consciousness and feeling that occur during the interval between death and rebirth. This idea of liberation through listening is at the heart of this project. The sound and energies which emerge have liberating qualities. The sound liberates our mind, our imagination; taking it on a journey. The experience of listening has a powerful impact on our biological clock and puts us in a transitory, intermediate state in relation to the great continuum of life.

Übergang, for ten instrumentalists, is a sensory experience brought through sound, an experience bringing us side by side with the notes where everything is but transient...

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