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With music by Georg Friedrich Haas, Alberto Posadas, Iannis Xenakis, Sarah Nemtsov, Unsuk Chin, Ragnhild Berstad, Clara Iannotta, Dorian Concept, Bernhard Gander and many more.

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Brochure Subscription Series 2019/2020

POWER-SPACE. The New Subscription Series

The programme of Klangforum Wien’s subscription series for the 2019/20 season can be read as evidence of a joyful transition – farewell and new beginning are both reflected in this POWER-SPACE whose mirror axis coincides almost exactly with the turn of the year. This side of the divide you’ll be given a short summary of the ensemble’s 35-year history; on the other, you’ll find clear signs of a new departure and a realignment of musical and intellectual boundaries.

The first half of this transitional cycle is once more dedicated to some of the major works that were formative for an era which is now coming to its end. Taken by itself, each of these full-length compositions - in vain, Poética del espacio and Kraanerg – is a vibrant, thrilling piece of music theatre. They are complemented by a musical performance lasting 24 hours, which addresses the issue of conceivable alternatives to the global economic system. This will take place at the Theater an der Wien / Semperdepot / Gartenbaukino and the Wiener Konzerthaus, and can be booked in addition to the regular series.

Beyond the demarcation line, the new intendant will start 2020 by expanding the sphere of action, including some theatrical elements that transcend genre. The offer ranges from show-booths on Coney Island, a self-playing piano and instruments made of glass, all the way to sound material, which is catalysed with the help of a synthesizer.

Even in this transition period, Klangforum Wien will remain intrepid and keep on track, consistently exploring the depths of novelty. We cordially invite you to celebrate with us the joys of change and a new beginning – in the POWER-SPACE of Klangforum Wien.

Sven Hartberter, Intendant of Klangforum Wien until December 31st, 2019
Peter Paul Kainrath, Intendant of Klangforum Wien from January 1st, 2020

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30 September 2019
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall Kraftraum Spirals

To listen in a sphere without boundaries, to feel one’s way towards the depths of what was seemingly submerged or to intuit what is inaudible up there in the firmament – to in a space of sounds.

Georg Friedrich Haas — in vain

conductor: Sylvain Cambreling

8 November 2019
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall Kraftraum Yardsticks EA

From a large store of memories, in cupboards and drawers, all the way to the smallest miniature. The large contained in the small; the small contained in the large. Here, sound releases a new poetics of spatial perception.

Alberto Posadas — Poética del espacio Austrian premiere

Gerald Preinfalk, saxophone
Christoph Walder, horn
Anders Nyqvist, trumpet
Mikael Rudolfsson, trombone
conductor: Sylvain Cambreling

In cooperation with Wien Modern.

12 December 2019
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall Kraftraum Primal Forces

Twenty intervals that bring silence to a red-hot glow. Rugged sounds, coming from a tape, wash around the massive architecture of instrumental sounds, culminating in heavy and abstract sound eruptions.

Iannis XenakisKraanerg

conductor: Bas Wiegers
Peter Böhm & Florian Bogner, sound design

16 January 2020
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall Kraftraum Show Booths

Centrifugal forces hurl the listeners past laboratories of self-destruction, towards the chasms of circus-like hallucinations, staring the hideous countenance of a fatalistic and absurd tragic fate in the face.

Steven Kazuo Takasugi— Sideshow

Peter Böhm & Florian Bogner, sound design

10 February 2020
8 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall Kraftraum Who is in the Room? UA UA

This deals with presence and absence, and the spaces that are created between the two. Does the piano play itself?

Francesca Verunelli — Woman sitting at the piano I
   — Piano (without the woman) sitting
   — Woman sitting at the piano II world premiere
Sarah Nemtsov — White wide eyes
    — New Work world premiere

Eva Furrer, flute
Vera Fischer, bass flute
Player Piano
Peter Böhm & Florian Bogner, sound design

12 March 2020
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall Kraftraum Space Made of Glass UA EA

Crystalline sounds emanate from the prepared piano and luminous glass instruments sparkle in the light.

Unsuk Chin — Doppelkonzert
Ragnhild Berstad — New Work Austrian premiere
Clara Iannotta — New Work world premiere

Florian Müller, piano
Alex Lipowski, percussion
Peter Böhm & Florian Bogner, sound design
conductor: Emilio Pomàrico

14 April 2020
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall Kraftraum Skeletons UA UA

A scanner reveals the scaffolding beneath the surface of this building made of sounds and causes it to vibrate. The released material is launched into new orbits.

Dorian Concept — New Work world premiere
Bernhard Gander/ Klangforum Wien — SCAN VI world premiere

Steamboat Switzerland
Dorian Concept, electronics, synthesizer
Markus Wallner, sound design
conductor: Bas Wiegers

25 October 2019
6.30 p.m.
Vienna, different locations Kraftraum / Optionales Zusatzkonzert* Happiness Machine. 24 Hours of Bliss with the Klangforum Wien

HAPPINESS MACHINE Animation Movies and Music

Theater an der Wien, October 25, 2019, 6.30 pm until 10 pm:

Elizabeth Hobbs/Carola Bauckholt — The Flounder
Rebecca Blöcher/Eva Reiter — Lickalike

Eni Brandner/Misato Mochizuki — PANTOPOS

Joanna Kożuch/Ying Wang — Music Box

Samantha Moore/Malin Bång — Bloomers

Vessela Dantcheva/Electric Indigo — Hierarchy Glitch

Ana Nedeljković/Hanna Hartman — The Happiness Machine

Susi Jirkuff/Joanna Bailie — Measuring the Distance

Andrea Schneider/Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri — Generator/ Operator

Michelle Kranot/Iris ter Schiphorst — Suggestion of Least Resistance

Jacqueline Kornmüller, staging
Peter Wolf, dramaturgy
Konstantia Gourzi, musical direction
Peter Böhm & Markus Urban, sound design
Martin Repka, visual projection

Semperdepot, October 25, 2019, 10.30 pm until October 26, 2019, 10 am:

Cornelius Cardew — The Great Learning
Karlheinz Stockhausen — ludum stellae (bearb. Mikael Rudolfsson)

Rebecca Saunders — Sole
Morton Feldman — For Philip Guston
James Tenney — Having Never Written a Note for Percussion

as well as music by Bernd Alois Zimmermann, Bruno Maderna, Luciano Berio, Herbert Eimert, Iannis Xenakis, Morton Subotnick, François Bayle, Pierre Henry, Justin Bennett, Michèle Bokanowski, Wolfgang Mitterer, Bill Laswell, Francisco López, Giuseppe Ielasi, Peder Mannerfelt, Uli Fussenegger and more.

Gartenbaukino, October 26, 9.00 am:

Happiness Machine (cinema version)

Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall, Schubert Hall and Berio Hall, October 26, 2019, 11 am until 6.30 pm:

Hans Zender — 33 Veränderungen über 33 Veränderungen. Eine »komponierte Interpretation« über Beethovens Diabelli-Variationen
Ludwig van Beethoven — Diabelli-Variationen op. 120
Georges Aperghis — Situations
Discussion forums, philippics and films

Joonas Ahonen, piano
conductor: Yalda Zamani

Details concerning the supporting programme, philippics, discussion forums and films will follow in the course of the summer 2019. Programme is subject to change.