Peter Jakober, Nussdorf, Wien
© Peter Jakober

Peter Jakober — Substantie

„By substance I understand what exists in itself and is conceived through itself; that’s to say something the concept of which does not rely on the concept of another thing for its formation.”  (Baruch de Spinoza)

The concept of substance, as formulated by Spinoza, is a central aspect of this piece, which examins the question of what elements can in fact create something of substance and what their mutual relationship might be.

Several levels of sound happen simultaneously as well as autonomously – muted, fragile progressions of sound from the woodwinds, which are distorted by live electronics; moving, finely chiseled sounds of the strings and a continuous, silent pulse from the cymbals, exploring the facets of sound of which this instrument is capable.

However, the juxtapositions of these sound-events cause seeming correlations and connections. The autonomous strands are set in relation to each another and in the process lose their independent character.

Substantie is a failing attempt at autonomy, as can only become apparent through comparison.

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