Simone Movio
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© Simone Movio

Simone Movio – Logos III

Logos III is part of a music cycle, which establishes a connection to the human voice as the most exalted possibility of expressing a sound – a sound charged with vital energy, mirroring an innermost world; the human effort of expressing himself. It is not always the meaning of the words which is essential, but the mysterious, arcane and poetic power of their resonance.
There is a covert link between the composition and the opening choral movement of J.S. Bach's "Johannes Passion BWV 245".

A cross can be made of wood, iron, or marble,
  but its reality is not the wood or iron or marble
  which fills its form, but what arises
  as form where there is no more matter.

Massimo Scaligero, SECRETS OF SPACE AND TIME (end of chapter 8)

 in Werke
20 September 2017
8.30 p.m.
Parma, Teatro Farnese Traiettorie irradiazione UA UA

Gérard Grisey — Solo pour deux
Simone Movio — Logos III World première
Liza Lim — Wild winged-one
Hannes Kerschbaumer — schraffur World première
Beat Furrer — linea dell’orizzonte

Bernhard Zachhuber, clarinet
Anders Nyqvist, trumpet

Kevin Fairbairn, trombone
Krassimir Sterev, accordion in quarter tones
conductor: Bas Wiegers