© Eduardo Moguillansky
© Eduardo Moguillansky

Eduardo Moguillansky — Resilienztraining

Resilience is the euphemistic title for the bisected activism of those who are defeated by life. It comprises what remains for those who are stuck, on a permanent basis, in a position of precarity – their strategy of somehow coping with the situation until finally they reach a point where “nothing goes” any more.

In Resilienztraining, the reaction of a group of record players to various offensive strategies is being measured. The recordings are of sinus waves. Increased pressure on the turntable slows down its rotary speed. Well, every intervention creates a certain resistance, which is specific to the exerted pressure and to the dispositive itself. Next, the instruments reproduce the same sound.as on the record. Between original sound and transposition, beats are created which take the form of an acoustic signature of a system under stress.

If the frequency of the interference and the dynamic are much increased, the brain re-encodes this overstimulation as difference tones – our sense of hearing sings along.

The piece is constructed in the shape of several attempts at a continuing expansion. It could also go further. The resilient subject doesn’t give up hope.
—Eduardo Moguillansky, 2018

 in Werke
21 October 2018
11 a.m.
Donaueschingen, Donauhallen, Mozart Saal Donaueschinger Musiktage Case White UA UA UA UA

For the ninth time, Klangforum Wien will be performing in Donaueschingen. This year their programme features works where the experimental and the open are in the foreground.

Francesco Filidei — Ballata Nr. 7 World Premiere
Eduardo Moguillansky — Resilienztraining World Premiere
Koka Nikoladze — 21.10.18 World Premiere
Mirela Ivičević — Case White World Premiere

Peter Böhm, sound design
conductor: Ilan Volkov

The composer Francesco Filidei on his new piece:
Francesco Filidei — Ballata Nr. 7

The composer Eduardo Moguillansky on his new piece:
Eduardo Moguillansky — Resilienztraining

The composer Koka Nikoladze on his new piece:
Koka Nikoladze — 21.10.18

The composer Mirela Ivičević on her new piece:
Mirela Ivičević — Case White

13 January 2019
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Hall AugenSchein Triptych EA EA EA

A Triptych both reveals and conceals. In the overview, the seemingly disparate becomes the meaningful new.

Francesco Filidei — Ballata Nr. 7 Austrian premiere
Eduardo Moguillansky — Resilienztraining
Austrian premiere
Jorge E. López — Triptychon op. 25
Austrian premiere

Christoph Walder, horn
Peter Böhm & Markus Urban, sound design
conductor: Ilan Volkov


Before the concert:
In the Ears of the Others or: how musicians listen to this, 6.30 p.m.

Subscription Series 2018/19