Portrait Hannes Kerschbaumer
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Hannes Kerschbaumer — schraffur

The centuries-old technique of hatching creates plasticity and spatiality by superimposing and arranging lines at certain degrees of density. If this principle is transferred to music, musical gestures arise from a differentiated arrangement of lines - exclusively from lines. The creation of movements by means of a discontinuous pitch is completely abandoned, replaced by continuous movement - the multiple superimposition of lines of various shapes produces sound gestures of an expressive physicality and haptic quality.

Lines also breathe.

The accordion, the sound centre in schraffur, is a breathing body. The opening and closing of the bellows allows for the simplest possible articulation, namely, the swelling and subsiding of the sound. Lines also breathe. When a line is drawn, the energy of the impact of pen on paper manifests itself, just as the musician makes the air vibrate by his physical exertion.

Hannes Kerschbaumer — schurf

The works of the "schurf"-series are based on a simple idea – exploring the sounds of a simple ascending or descending line. more

 in Werke
23 September 2017
7.30 p.m.
Bruneck, Military Camp Enrico Federico Transart Festival Schwarzes Licht (Black Light) UA

Simone Movio — Logos III
Hannes Kerschbaumer — schraffur

Alexander Kaiser — Schwarzes Licht World prèmiere of the 1st part

Noa Frenkel, Alto
Daniel Gloger, Countertenor
Krassimir Sterev, accordion in quarter tones
conductor: Bas Wiegers

[TRANSART_17] SCHWARZES LICHT (BECOMING KASER) from Festival Transart on Vimeo.

20 September 2017
8.30 p.m.
Parma, Teatro Farnese Traiettorie irradiazione UA UA

Gérard Grisey — Solo pour deux
Simone Movio — Logos III World première
Liza Lim — Wild winged-one
Hannes Kerschbaumer — schraffur World première
Beat Furrer — linea dell’orizzonte

Bernhard Zachhuber, clarinet
Anders Nyqvist, trumpet

Kevin Fairbairn, trombone
Krassimir Sterev, accordion in quarter tones
conductor: Bas Wiegers

22 November 2017
7.30 p.m.
Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal Wien Modern schraffur /Erste Bank composition competition UA EA EA

Hannes Kerschbaumer, who was born in Brixen in South Tyrol in 1981 and now lives in Innsbruck, is this year’s winner of the Erste Bank Prize. Two of the four of his works being performed at this year’s festival will be on program of the prizewinners’ concert, alongside Grisey’s magnificent "Four Songs for Crossing the Threshold". (Wien Modern)

Gérard Grisey — Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil
Hannes Kerschbaumer — schraffur Austrian Premiere 
    — schurf I World Premiere
Beat Furrer — Kaleidoscopic Memories Austrian Premiere

Katrien Baerts, Soprano
Sophie Schafleitner, violin
Uli Fussenegger, double bass
Krassimir Sterev, accordion in quarter tones
Peter Böhm, sound design

conductor: Emillio Pomàrico

Hannes Kerschbaumer about his new compositions:
Hannes Kerschbaumer — schraffur
Hannes Kerschbaumer — schurf