Mantle with squares, Peru (c. 100 BC – 300 AD) © Göteborgssamlingen, Världskulturmuseet
Mantle with squares, Peru (c. 100 BC – 300 AD) © Göteborgssamlingen, Världskulturmuseet

Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann — Siray III - Cuadrados Concéntricos

Siray III - Cuadrados Concéntricos is the third piece in a series I call "tapestry pieces." I am attracted to the idea of crisscrossing threads in a tapestry and its analogous process in music, which is contrapuntal interaction between the various voices. Siray means “to weave” in Quechua. The tapestries that inspire the Siray compositions come from the ancient civilization of Paracas, located in Southern Peru. The Paracas culture (800 BCE – 100 BCE) is known for its textiles, some of which display surprisingly abstract designs. The idea of weaving does show itself in all Siray pieces particularly in the way the instruments interact and interweave with one another as they create contrasting musical textures. In Siray III, however, I take a different approach than the previous works of the series in that the musical structure itself is modeled after a particular Paracan mantle from about 200 BCE. The mantle in question displays a fascinating series of 240 concentric squares using twenty-two distinct colors. No combination of colors is ever repeated. The aspect of the mantle I am most interested in (and that guides the structure of my composition) is the use of permutations of the aforementioned twenty-two colors avoiding repetition. For this piece I devised a system of twenty-two-note scales, each spanning up to seven octaves. The scales act as the primary pitch material for the piece.
—Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann, 2018

 in Werke
12 October 2018
8.30 p.m.
Nicosia, Shoe Factory Pharos Arts Foundation 10th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival UA UA UA

Pierre Boulez — Dérive 1
Helmut Lachenmann — Pression
Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann
— Siray III – Cuadrados Concéntricos World Premiere
Thomas Simaku 
— Klang Inventions World Premiere
Evis Sammoutis — Secret garden World Premiere
Beat Furrer — Retour an dich

Claude Vivier — Pièce pour violon et clarinette
Franco Donatoni — Argot

Oliver Vivarès, clarinet
Sophie Schafleitner, violin
Andreas Lindenbaum, violoncello

The composer Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann on his new piece:
Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann — Siray III – Cuadrados Concéntricos

The composer Thomas Simaku on his new piece:
Thomas Simaku — Klang Inventions

The composer Evis Sammoutis on his new piece:
Evis Sammoutis — Secret garden

Organised by the Pharos Arts Foundation.