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Bernhard Gander — Call me: 0666/666 666

Hey there,

I`m looking for something fast and discret, no dating, just sex.
Find me out and call me: 0666/666 666
—Bernhard Gander, 2017

 in Werke
6 March 2018
8.30 p.m.
Grenoble, MC2:, Auditorium Musique et amour(s) UA

Iannis Xenakis — Psappha
Bernhard Gander — Call me: 0666/666 666 World Premiere
Jennifer Walshe — XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!!

direction: Kabinetttheater
main coordinator: Julia Reichert
puppeteers: Katarina Csanyiova, Tanja Ghetta, Walter Kukla
set & puppet design: Maxe Mackinger, Julia Reichert
costumes: Burgis Paier
video: Nicole Aebersold

light & video technic: Jan Wielander

Andreas Fischer, double bass 

Jennifer Walshe, Juliet Fraser, voice
Björn Wilker, percussion
conductor: Brad Lubman

With the kind support of SKE / austro mechana.

The composers about their pieces:
Bernhard Gander — Call me: 0666/666 666
Jennifer Walshe — XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!!