© Nuno Costa
© Nuno Costa

Nuno Costa — Lillar-D

I believe that the reflection on the specific world that surrounds me is the path that brings me to the sound universe in which I dwell; I am not talking about the world of constant socio-economic/political changes or frenzied, almost violent, social interactions that penetrate our inner being nearly every day, in a moment that is virtually choiceless (despite its [un]questionable importance); instead, first and foremost, I am talking about another world, a world where Time insists on whispering to me that it does not exist by itself, despite the fact that, nevertheless, life stands firmly as a frantic, but also (conflictingly) static constant, and therefore, in my view, nearly, or actually, infinite (this, indeed, is a challenging space).

I realise that, for now, my musical reality is wandering in this universe. A reality of experiences that range from the simplest daily interactions to many different socio-cultural conditions where I realise I fit into, and beyond, to an imaginary world that makes me want to see what, perhaps, I am still unable to hear. The lines/steps I want to implode, the shapes I wish to merge, the volumes, colours and modulations, that perhaps only a musician can translate, are still (will be?), maybe, far from the possibilities within my reach; but here I/we go, along an ongoing path of discovery and self-denial.
—Nuno Costa, 2018

 in Werke
15 February 2019
Graz, Helmut List Halle impuls Academy and Festival Winners' concert 5 UA

Nuno Costa — Lillar-D World premiere
Timothy McCormack — Sediment World premiere
Jungeun Park — Stained-echo World premiere
Chris Swithinbank — this line comes from the past World premiere
Hakan Ulus — TāHā World premiere

conductor: Ilan Volkov

The composers on their new works:
Nuno Costa — Lillar-D
Timothy McCormack — Sediment
Jungeun Park — Stained-echo
Chris Swithinbank — this line comes from the past
Hakan Ulus — Tā Hā