© Nuno Costa
© Nuno Costa

Nuno Costa — Lillar-D

I believe that the reflection on the specific world that surrounds me is the path that brings me to the sound universe in which I dwell; I am not talking about the world of constant socio-economic/political changes or frenzied, almost violent, social interactions that penetrate our inner being nearly every day, in a moment that is virtually choiceless (despite its [un]questionable importance); instead, first and foremost, I am talking about another world, a world where Time insists on whispering to me that it does not exist by itself, despite the fact that, nevertheless, life stands firmly as a frantic, but also (conflictingly) static constant, and therefore, in my view, nearly, or actually, infinite (this, indeed, is a challenging space).

I realise that, for now, my musical reality is wandering in this universe. A reality of experiences that range from the simplest daily interactions to many different socio-cultural conditions where I realise I fit into, and beyond, to an imaginary world that makes me want to see what, perhaps, I am still unable to hear. The lines/steps I want to implode, the shapes I wish to merge, the volumes, colours and modulations, that perhaps only a musician can translate, are still (will be?), maybe, far from the possibilities within my reach; but here I/we go, along an ongoing path of discovery and self-denial.
—Nuno Costa, 2018

 in Werke
13 February 2019
6 p.m.
Vienna, Diehlgasse 51 impuls Academy and Festival Talk: Composition and Interpretation
Free entry

As part of "impuls" the Klangforum Wien opens its doors for a public rehearsal. Afterwards, the conductor Ilan Volkov, the musicians of the Klangforum Wien, and the composers Nuno Costa, Timothy McCormack, Jungeun Park, Chris Swithinbank and Hakan Ulus, entrusted with impuls composition commissions, discuss which synergies, but also which difficulties, are being exchanged between composers and performers. Moderated by Doris Weberberger.

The talk is being held in English!

Chris Swithinbank - this line comes from the past (public rehearsal)
Q & A session with the musicians
Discussion with Ilan Volkov, the composers and the musicians of Klangforum Wien

conductor: Ilan Volkov

An event by impuls in cooperation with mica - music austria and the Klangforum Wien.

15 February 2019
7.30 p.m.
Graz, Helmut List Halle impuls Academy and Festival Laureate Concert 5 UA

Nuno Costa — Lillar-D World premiere
Timothy McCormack — Sediment World premiere
Jungeun Park — Stained-echo World premiere
Chris Swithinbank — this line comes from the past World premiere
Hakan Ulus — TāHā World premiere

conductor: Ilan Volkov

Before the concert:
Composers´ Talk
with Nuno Costa, Timothy McCormack, Jung-Eun Park, Chris Swithinbank and Hakan Ulus, 6.30 p.m

The composers on their new works:
Nuno Costa — Lillar-D
Timothy McCormack — Sediment
Jungeun Park — Stained-echo
Chris Swithinbank — this line comes from the past
Hakan Ulus — Tā Hā