Potrait Beat Furrer
© Didi Sattmann

Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco

Time, stretched to the extreme – like after jumping off, so to speak –, slowly shifting harmonic constellations. Various patterns of movement, vibrato, modifications, regular and irregular pulsations keep arising from interferences created by the slow sounds in constant glissando. The clarinet, completely integrated into the sound of the strings, only gradually frees itself in a continuous accelerando until it finally contrasts the sound of the string quartet: The continuity of the processual transformation is ruptured. From the compression of time and the dissociation of the sound arise a series of interlocking language-like gestures. The sounds are dismantled into their individual components.
(Beat Furrer, 2016)

Festival Firenze Suona Contemporanea, Konzertvideo
Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco (Ausschnitt)
Erwin Wurm/ Andrea Cavallari — Fallen Falls (Ausschnitt)
14. September 2016

 in Video  in Werke
20 November 2016
8 p.m.
Huddersfield, St. Paul‘s Hall Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival Skin

Rebecca Saunders — Skin
Eva Reiter — Noch sind wir ein Wort
Bear Furrer — intorno al bianco
Reinhard Fuchs — MANIA

Juliet Fraser, Soprano
Eva Reiter, Paetzold contrabass recorder
Bernhard Zachhuber, clarinet
Uli Fussenegger, doublebass
Peter Böhm & Christina Bauer, sound design
conductor: Bas Wiegers

Rebecca Saunders about her composition Skin:
Rebecca Saunders — Skin

Eva Reiter about her composition Noch sind wir ein Wort:
Eva Reiter — Noch sind wir ein Wort... [Still We Are A Word…]

Beat Furrer about his compositio intorno al bianco:
Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco

Videoextracts (7:34)
Beat Furrer — intorno al bianco & Andrea Cavallari/Erwin Wurm — Fallen Falls, Firenze Suona Contemporanea 2016