2015 - present

22 new works - Happiness Machine (a collaboration between 20 artists, who in 10 animation films and 10 commissioned compositions explore alternatives to financial capitalism), world premiere at Éclat Festival Stuttgart, repeated at Konzerthaus Wien, International Music Festival Hamburg, Athens, Luxembourg - Projects: Symposion - An Intoxication in Eight Divisions - Appearances at Éclat Festival Stuttgart, Salzburg Festival and in Munich, Cologne, Perm, Mürzzuschlag - Concert cycle Kraftraum at Konzerthaus Vienna, with the ongoing series In the Eras of the Others: or how musicians listen to this - Educational projects: PPCM at University of the Arts Graz, impuls Academy in Graz, Delian Academy for New Music in Mykonos - Mirela Ivičević wins the Erste Bank Composition Award - new CDs with works by Kerschbaumer, K. Lang, Stefan Prins (CD & DVD)  


30 new works - 4 world premieres in musical theatre: Jennifer Walshe - XXX_Live_Nude_Girls!!! (puppet show in cooperation with Kabinetttheater Wien), Bernhard Gander - Call me: 0666/666 666 in Grenoble, Stefan Prins and Daniel Linehan - Third Space (multimedia dance performance) at the Munich Biennale, repeated at Rainy Days Festival Luxembourg, Arturo Fuentes - Carlota's Room, a mono opera, at Klangspuren Festival Schwaz - Projects: Festive Days of Early Music, Music of the Modern Age 1908-1961 -  - The Cloth. A Doubtable Case, dialogues by Martin Mosebach with music by Joseph Haydn, Scelsi, Aperghis, Xenakis, Grisey and K. Lang - Schönberg and the Schrammel Brothers in Hamburg - world premiere of Bildbeschreibung by Agata Zabel at Transart Festival Bozen, repeated in Warsaw and Vienna - Symposion. An Intoxication in Eight Divisions in Brussels and Hamburg with a world premiere by Klaus Lang - Appearances at the Salzburg Festival, Wien Modern, Donaueschingen Festival and in Witten, Wallis, Prague, Amsterdam, Graz, Cyprus, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Madrid and s'Hertogenbosch - Concert cycle AugenSchein at Konzerthaus Wien with the ongoing series In the of the Others: or how musicians listen to this- Educational projects: PPCM at the University of the Arts Graz - Vienna 5: The Art of Neighbourhood in cooperation with Junges Volkstheater - Young Performers Repertoire Projects in the context of the EU project Interfaces - seminar and masterclasses in Larissa, Greece - workshop mukato (children making movies into music) - Neighbours, an elementary school project - The Erste Bank Composition Award is won by Agata Zubel - CDs: Portrait CD of Eva Reiter


16 new works - 2 world premieres in musical theatre: ParZeFool - Mondparsifal Alpha 1-8 by Bernhard Lang after Richard Wagner, production, stage and costumes by Jonathan Messe, conducted by Simone Young, at Wiener Festwochen, and a version titled Mondparsifal Beta 9-23 von einem, der auszuog den Wagnerianer des Grauens das Geilstgruseln zu erzlehren at Berliner Festspiele - Pinocchio, an opera by Philippe desman at the Aix-en-Provence Festival, repeated in Dijon - Projects: Festive Days of Early Music at Konzerthaus Wien, Wien Museum and Schönberg Center - Appearances at the Salzburg Festival within the cycle Time with Grisey , at the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico, and concerts in Parma, Bruneck, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Athens, Graz - Concert cycle green.wert at Konzerthaus Wien with the ongoing series In the of the Others: or how musicians listen to this - Educational projects: PPCM at the University of the Arts Graz - Neighbours, a project with the elementary school Am Hundsturm - Klangforumpassage, a series of concerts and workshops with refugees - instrumental classes for refugees - The Klangforum becomes an honorary member of the Vienna Concerthouse Society - Hannes Kerschbaumer wins the Erste Bank Composition Award -  CDs with works by Alberto Posadas and a portrait of Peter Jakober - Mikael Rudolfssohn (trombone) joins the Klangforum

20 new works - Musical theatre: Kurt Weill's Threepenny Opera at Theater an der Wien, production by Keith Warner - das kleine ICH BIN ICH, children's opera by Georg Friedrich Haas in Salzburg - Projects: Festive Days of Early Music -The Cloth. A Doubtable Case, dialogues by Martin Mosebach with music by Joseph Haydn, Scelsi, Aperghis, Xenakis, Grisey and K. Lang at Imago Festival Krems - Echotecture, a project with stage designer Anna Viebrock and her class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna - world premiere of Hyena by Georg Friedrich Haas and Mollen Lee Williams-Haas in Vienna, repeated in Huddersfield - Appearances at the Salzburg Festival, Éclat Festival Stuttgart, Cairo Contemporary Music Days, International Music Festival Shanghai with FAMA by Beat Furrer, ManiFeste Paris, Wiener Festwochen, Sound Festival Kopenhagen, world premiers of works by Bernhard Gander and Michael Wertmüller at the Donaueschingen Festival, Fallen falls, video concert with Erwin Wurm in Florence, and concerts in Schwaz, Graz and Tallinn - Concert Cycle science?fiction! at Konzerthaus Wien, beginning of the series In the of the Others: or how musicians listen to this, introductory events to the concerts designed by members of the Klangforum - Educational projects: PPCM at the University of the Arts Graz, concert and workshop for refugees at Brunnenpassage - Eva Reiter wins the Erste Bank Composition Award - CDs with works by Reinhard Fuchs and a portrait of Roman Haubenstock

15 new works - Musical thratre: World premiere of El Publico by Mauricio Sotelo in Madrid, production by Robert Castro, Luce mie traditrici by Salvatore Sciarrino at Wiener Festwochen, production by Achim Freyer - Projects: SCAN with Bernhard Lang and students of the University of the Arts Graz - a day and an hour in URBO KUBE, a 25 hour concert at Konzerthaus Wien, repeated in Cologne and Amsterdam - Symposion at TransArt Festival Brixen - World premiere of Sciarrino's Carnaval 1-12 at the Scala in Milan, repeated in Stuttgart, Zürich and Vienna - First performance in China within the International Composition Competition "Bai Chuan Award" of the Music Academy Shanghai - Aüüierances at the Venice Biennale, Ultraschall Festival Berlin, Ars Nova Donaueschingen, Ruhrtriennale (memorial concert for Gerard Mortier) - cooperation with Amaury du Closet for the series Suffocated Voices with works of the suppressed avangtguarde of the 1930s - and concerts in Salzburg, Berlin, Zahnet, Huddersfield, Luxembourg, Parma, Porto and Gent - Concert cycle Generationen at Konzerthaus Wien - Educational projects: PPCM at the University of the Arts Graz - Neighbours, a project with the elementary school Am Hundsturm - The Erste Bank Composition Award is won by Peter Jakober - CDs with works by Bernd Richard Deutsch, a portrait of Christian Mason and a portrait of Mark Barden



18 new works - Musical theatre: Bluthaus by Georg Friedrich Haas, libretto by Händl Klaus at Wiener Festwochen, repeated in Hamburg, Testbatterie in acht Akten by Enno Poppe, production by Anna Viebrock t MaerzMusik Festival Berlin - Projects: a day and an hour in URBO KUNE in Vienna and Mikulovice, Scelsi REVISITED at Aldeburgh Festival, repeated in Darmstadt, Oslo, Bozen and in the framework of an edition of Symposion in Dresden - Appearances at Donaueschingen Festival, Witten Days for New Chambermusic, with eight world premieres, opening concert at Wien Modern - concerts in Munich, Salzburg, Graz, Brussels, Paris, Sion, Frankfurt and Wroclaw - Concert cycle Immigrants at Konzerthaus Wien - Educational projects: PPCM at the University of the Arts Graz - Neighbours, a project with the elementary school Am Hundsturm - Archikids, workshop for KinderuniKunst - interpretation workshop Young Music at Wien Modern - The Erste Bank Composition Award is won by Reinhard Fuchs - CDs: Works by Erin Gee 

23 new works – Scelsi REVISITED with four commissioned pieces (premièred at the Acht Brücken Festival Cologne) – Enno Poppe’s Speicher and Georges Aperghis’ Situations in Donaueschingen and Vienna – Parole di Settembre by Aureliano Cattaneo with a visual installation by AROTIN & SERGHEI – Unirsi al cielo with six new works by young composers (Premio San Fedele) in Milano and Graz – Written on Skin by George Benjamin, conducted by Kent Nagano, in Vienna (Festwochen) and Munich (Opernfestpiele) – Long Distance subscription series at Wiener Konzerthaus – opening concert of impuls 2013 in Graz with four new works – concert performance of Bruno Maderna’s Satyricon at Theater an der Wien – two performances at the Salzburg Festival plus concerts in Paris, Toulouse, Berlin, Pannonhalma, Bruges, Brixen, etc. – WIEN MODERN club nights – education projects: PPCM – Youth plays Young Music in cooperation with music schools in Vienna – Pure Percussion for KinderuniKunst – The Emperor of Atlantis - Bernd Richard Deutsch is winner of the Erste Bank Composition Prize - New CD releases: VORWÄRTS I RÜCKWÄRTS CD/DVD Box – Bernhard Lang – Monadologie XII CD/LP

17 new works – world premieres in music theatre: Andrea Molino Three Mile Island in Karlsruhe and Rome – Enno Poppe IQ (directed by Anna Viebrock) in Schwetzingen – Claudio Monteverdi/Philippe Boesmans Poppea e Nerone at the Teatro Real, Madrid – concerts in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Hamburg, Cologne, Lucerne, Cracow, Milan, Madrid – cycle europa, GLOBAL at the Konzerthaus Wien – Wien Modern, opening concert with Olga Neutwirth’s Homage à Klaus Nomi – two appearances at the Salzburg Festival as well as concerts in Alpbach, Graz, Bludenz, Linz (Bruckner Festival), Graz (Musikprotokoll), Schwaz (Klangspuren) – Education-Projects: professorship at the University of the Arts, Graz (PPCM studies) – two school projects Children Compose – percussion-workshop for teenagers - Beat Furrer is winner of the Erste Bank Composition Prize - New CD releases: Aperghis – Rihm – Resch – Sciarrino

18 new compositions – projekt Oskar Serti Attends a Concert. Why? directed by Markus Kupferblum in Vienna, Luxembourg and Cologne – 3 performances of Giorgio Battistelli's Der Präparator at the Festival Out of Control in Vienna – Benjamin Britten's The Rape of Lucretia with Angelika Kirchschlager at the Theater an der Wien – Wüstenbuch by Beat Furrer at the Festwochen Vienna – concert performance of Salvatore Sciarrino's Macbeth at the Salzburg Festival – 3 concerts at the Festliche Tage Alter Musik at the Theater an der Wien – concert cycle ICONS with 7 concerts at the Konzerthaus Vienna – 3 concerts during the festival WIEN MODERN – impuls Graz – musikprotokoll of the steirischer herbst festival – Klangspuren Festival Schwaz – Biennale Salzburg – Bregenz Festival – tribute to Friedrich Cerha on the occasion of his 80th birthday in Vienna and Salzburg – as well as concerts in: Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Cologne, Krakow, Linz, Mürzzuschlag, Trieste, Vill and Weimar – Masterclasses at the University of the Arts, Graz (courses in PPCM - performance practice in contemporary music) and at the Summer Acadamy isa in Mürzzuschlag – Finish pianist Joonas Ahonen becomes a new member of the ensemble – Gerald Resch is awarded the First Prize of the Erste Bank composers' competition in 2011 - CDs: Joanna Wozny, Friedrich Cerha, both were released by the label KAIROS

19 new pieces – world premiere of the opera Die Besessenen, composed by Johannes Kalitzke, at the Theater an der Wien – world premiere of the opera Wüstenbuch, written by Beat Furrer, directed by Christoph Marthaler, performed in Basle and in Berlin at the MärzMusik festival – world premiere of the opera Les Boulingrin by Georges Aperghis in a production by Jérome Deschamps at the Opéra Comique in Paris  – performances in Amsterdam – Kiel – Witten – Parma – Krakow – Alicante – Darmstadt – Strasbourg – Eppan – Prague – Porto – Salzburg – Arcana Festival St. Gallen/Gesäuse – Triest – Salzburg Festival – Festival Pannonhalma – Wien Modern – Summer Academy isa at Mürzzuschlag – participation in the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik at Darmstadt – concert cycle Schluss mit traurig at the Konzerthaus Vienna – creation of a second concert series for the spontaneous Schluss mit traurig 2 at the Konzerthaus Vienna with seven concerts in 2011 – professorship at the University of the Arts, Graz. CD new release: Bernhard Lang

25th birthday of Klangforum Wien – commissioned 25 new pieces by 25 composers – 27-hour-celebration – world premiere of the opera Yvonne by Philippe Boesmans in a production by Luc Bondy in Paris, followed by performances at the Wiener Festwochen – Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill in Hamburg, London, Paris and Vienna – chamber opera Die große Bäckereiattacke at the Out of Control Festival 2009 in Vienna – Progetto Pollini in Cologne, Milano and Paris – Tour to New York for three performances, amongst them free radicals at the Lincoln Centre – tour to Spain – performances in Brussels – Hamburg – Venice – Berlin – Krakow – Brixen – Parma – Belgrade – Amsterdam – Symposion Tonlagen in Dresden – concert cycle ;">VORWÄRTS | RÜCKWÄRTS at the Konzerthaus Vienna – Salzburg Festival – Wien Modern – Impuls and Musikprotokoll Graz – Festival 4020 Linz – Feldkirch – Klangforum Wien is offered a professorship at the University of the Arts, Graz. CDs new releases: Helmut Lachenmann – Olga Neuwirth


Premier of Melancholia, an audio theatre piece by Georg Friedrich Haas performed at the Opéra National de Paris, then at steirischen herbst – Ensembliade in collaboration with the Ensemble Modern and the Ensemble Intercontemporain, as well as Müll by Dror Feiler at the Donaueschinger Musiktagen – Jakob Lenz, a audio theatre piece by Wolfgang Rihm staged by Frank Castorf at the Wiener Festwochen – Luci mie Traditrici by Salvatore Sciarrino produced by Rebecca Horn at the Salzburg Festival and at Theater an der Wien – The Rape of Lucretia by Benjamin Britten, Philharmonic Orchestra Cologne and the Vienna Konzerthaus – Witten – Stockholm – Basel – Munich – Huddersfield – The Die 7 Todsünden der Neuen Musik series of concerts at the Vienna Konzerthaus – Salzburg Festival – Wien Modern – Interdisciplinary school project on Jakob Lenz (13 school classes) – Kinder Komponieren, primary school project with closing concert – CDs: K. Lang, G. Neuwirth


Debut performance of Sauser aus Italien, from the works of Giacinto Scelsi directed by Christoph Marthaler at the Salzburg Festival as well as at the Ruhr Triennale – opera Da Gelo a Gelo by Salvatore Sciarrino at the Opéra Nacional de Paris – free radicals, music and film in a condensed form, produced in collaboration with Amour Fou Film Vienna, Venice Biennale – FAMA at the Holland Festival and at the Stanislavsky Music Theatre, Moscow – tour of Portugal – Music Triennale Cologne – Ars Musica, Brussels – Warsaw Autumn Festival – the Aliens series of concerts at the Vienna Konzerthaus – Mozartwoche (Mozart Week) at the Mozarteum, Salzburg – project: Out of Control 2007, Vienna Museumsquartier – closing concert for Impuls 2007, Graz – Wiener Festwochen – Impulstanz, Semperdepot – Wien Modern – CDs: Gander, Feiler, O. Neuwirth – New members of the ensemble: Virginie Tarrete (harp) and Oliviér Vivarés (clarinet)


I hate Mozart (premiere), an audio theatre piece by Bernhard Lang and Michael Sturminger at the Theater an der Wien shown as part of the Mozartjahres (250th Anniversary of Mozart’s birth) – La passion de Simone (premiere) by Kaija Saariaho, staged by Peter Sellars for the Wiener Festwochen – Theater der Wiederholungen by Bernhard Lang at the Opéra Nacional de Paris – La Philosophie dans le labyrinthe (first performance) by Aurelio Cattaneo at the Münchner Biennale – FAMA at the Opéra Nacional de Paris and the Venice Biennale – ensemble in residence for the Venice Biennale – Budapest Autumn Festival – Territory Festival (three debut performances) – the Monumente cycle of concerts at the Vienna Konzerthaus – Salzburg Festival including Symposion on Perner Island (farewell concert for Peter Ruzicka) – Progetto Pollini at Wien Modern – Studio für Neue Musik, annual lectures at the university of Music, Graz – CDs: Furrer, Zender, Mitterer, B. Lang


Debut performance of FAMA, an audio theatre piece for Beat Furrer’s entire ensemble with the scenic arrangement of Cristoph Marthaler in the Donaueschinger Musiktagen – tour of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville) – tour of Japan (Tokyo, Takefu, four premiers) – Wittener Tage for New Chamber Music (five debut performances) – Impuls: composition competition, closing concert in Graz (six premieres) – Wolf at the Opéra Nacional de Paris – Symposion at Transart, Margreid – Cologne – Berlin – Stuttgart – Ars Musica, Brussels – Agora Festival, Paris – Philharmonic Orchestra Luxembourg – the Fluchtpunkte series of concerts at the Vienna Konzerthaus – Salzburg Festival (two first performances) – Forum alpbach – musikprotokoll, Graz – steirischer herbst – Wien Modern – CDs: Poppe, Sciarrino, Schurig




27 hour-long opening celebration for the new Klangforum premises in Diehlgasse 51 (premier of the works of 12 young composers) - three year contract with the Opéra Nacional de Paris – Anton Webern Fest (complete works) under the direction of Friedrich Cerha and Sylvain Cambreling at the Wiener Festwochen – Berenice, opera by Johannes Maria Staud at the Münchner Biennale (first performance), as well as at the Berliner Festspielen – Wolf by Alain Platel in Amsterdam, Zurich, Avignon, London and Vienna – netzzeit Project Out of Control in the Vienna Museumsquartier – the season Feste Feiern at the Vienna Konzerthaus – Ars Musica, Brussels – Agora Festival, Paris – Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival – Venice Biennale – Autumn Festival Budapest – Berliner Festspiele - Klangspuren Schwaz - Wien Modern - steirischer herbst - CDs: Gadenstätter, Jarrel – Anders Nyqvist (trumpet) joins the team


International performances: Stuttgart, Eclat-Festival – Montreal, at the Societé de musique contemporaine du Québec– Project by Andrea Molino about capital punishment, Those who speak in a faint voice, in Milan and New York City – Wolf, a scenic project by Alain Platel at the Ruhr-Triennale in Duisburg as well as Berlin, Avignon, Gent, London, Brussels and Amsterdam – Witten, Tage für Neue Kammermusik – Saarbrücken – Projects in Austria: Première of Drift by Wolfgang Suppan concert and choreographed version of Rose Breuss – four concerts at Graz 2003, Cultural Capital of Europe – Festival 4020 Linz – Wiener Festwochen – Bregenz Festival – Salzburg Festival – Musical Theater performances: Georg Friedrich Haas’ Die schöne Wunde at the Bregenz Festival – Bernhard Lang’s Das Theater der Wiederholungen as well as Olga Neuwirth’s Lost Highway at the Steirischer Herbst 2003 – CDs: Eötvös, Mochizuki, Staud – Krassimir Sterev (accordion) joins the ensemble


International performances: music theater project in vain – Reproduktion verboten with Christoph Marthaler and Anna Viebrock at the Zurich Schauspielhaus (April) – Pollini project in Paris (with Brian Ferneyhough’s The Doctrine of Similarity) – Opening of the new Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City – Gebirgskriegsprojekt by George Lopez for the Gerard Mortier’s new Ruhr-Triennale festival – Opening of Dortmund Konzerthaus (6th until 8th September) – Macbeth by Salvatore Sciarrino in Rome – Concert project with romanian brass band Fanfare Cioçarlia in Berlin (23rd June) – further guest performances in Rome, Bruges (cultural capital of Europe 2002) – Projects in Austria: birthday concert for Hans Landesmann at Wiener Konzerthaus – Black Friday-project at Radiokulturhaus, Konzerthaus and Jazz-Club Porgy & Bess with live performances and remixes of pieces by Beat Furrer and Bernhard Lang – sound theater As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams by Peter Eötvös at Wiener Konzerthaus – opera Drei Schwestern (Three Sisters by Eötvös at the Wiener Festwochen (from 25th Mai) – Hommage to Helmut Lachenmann at Salzburg Festival (26th August) – Symposion: further performances in Vienna (from 20th September) – for the first time in history the new subscription series Wozu Musik – Sieben Antworten? is nearly sold out (500 subscribers) – CD productions: Billone, Haas, Neuwirth


Concerts in Ravensburg, Cologne, Madrid, Wiesbaden, Bonn, Berlin (including Jost Meier’s Jandl-cycle An diesen sonnigen Tagen as well as a programme with Schönberg and Vienna Schrammeln; also performed at Musikmonat Basel), Lucerne, Boswil, Takefu (Japan), Huddersfield – Vivace, project by Beverly Blankenship with netzzeit at Schauspielhaus Wien – performances at Hörgänge, der Langen Nacht der IGNM, Wiener Festwochen (first performance in Austria of the opera Gute Miene, böses Spiel by Karl Wieland Kurz), Salzburg Festival/Zeitfluss, Klangspuren Schwaz, Tage für Zeitgemäße Musik Bludenz and musikprotokoll Graz – first Symposion project with netzzeit at Wiener MuseumsQuartier/Hall E (New music whilst lying on futons, with wine, food and time for discussion in-between) – CD productions: Neuwirth, Zender, Grisey, Scelsi, Sciarrino, Lachenmann and Misato Mochizuki – Giovanna Reitano (harp) and Gerald Preinfalk (saxophone) join the ensemble


Tour of Spain (Seville, Granada, Madrid and Santiago de Compostela) – further performances in Hamburg, Saarbrücken, Regensburg, Darmstadt, Lucerne, Parma, at Expo 2000 in Hanover, at WDR in Cologne (first performance G. F. Haas’ in vain) – Sciarrino’s opera Luci mie traditrici in Lisbon and Paris – concerts in Austria: Bregenz, Salzburg Festival (Gerd Kühr portrait concerts), at der Langen Nacht der IGNM at the Vienna Konzerthaus (with premieres of works by Oskar Aichinger, Dirk D’Ase and Olga Neuwirth) – debut performance of Wolfram Schurig’s Augenmaß at musikprotokoll Graz – premiere of The Long Rain (music: Olga Neuwirth; film: Michael Kreihsl) at steirischer herbst – Peter Eötvös’ audio theatre piece As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams with the theatre group netzzeit in the Wiener Schauspielhaus – Stodt aus Staa by Christian Muthspiel with Kurt Ostbahn and Klangforum Wien at the Vienna Konzerthaus and Brucknerhaus Linz – Klangforum season at the Konzerthaus is entitled 100 Years of New Music  Film and Music at the Konzerthaus: Martin Matalon: Music for the film Metropolis) – international composers’ workshop in Vienna – CD productions: Peter Eötvös, Bernhard Lang, Peter Ablinger and Salvatore Sciarrino


Ernst Krenek portrait concert in Vienna – concert performance of Friedrich Cerha’s stage piece Netzwerk at Wiener Festwochen – premiere of Olga Neuwirth’s audio theatre piece Bählamms Fest at the Wiener Festwochen – Peter Eötvös project in Vienna, Basel and Stuttgart – Robert Suter birthday concert in Vienna – at the Salzburg Festival world premiere of Luciano Berios, including the world debut of the azione musicale (opera) Cronaca del Luogo (written especially for Klangforum Wien) as well as concert projects (Progetto Pollini) – concert for the celebration of 100 Years of the Graz Opera – further concerts in Austria include performances at musikprotokoll Graz, Hörgänge as well as Wien Modern – new performance of La Vie Parisienne by Offenbach in Berlin – concerts at Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, in Weimar, Bremen and Komponistenforum Boswil – CDs featuring works by Furrer, Scelsi, Rihm, Neidhöfer, Lopez, Gadenstätter, first CD production with label KAIROS: Hans Zender’s Schuberts Winterreise – Vera Fischer (flute) becomes a member of the ensemble – in November, Sven Hartberger takes the lead of Klangforum Wien

International engagements in Seville, Berlin, Cologne, Brussels, Zurich, Wiesbaden, Budapest, Lisbon, at the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival as well as Octobre en Normandie – La Vie Parisienne by Jacques Offenbach in a collaboration between Sylvain Cambreling and Christoph Marthaler at the Wiener Burgtheater, Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin and Bonn Opera as well as a CD-production – further CD-recordings of compositions from Barraqué, Scelsi, Mundry and Lachenmann – portrait concert and CD recording of Georg Friedrich Haas at ORF in Vienna – further concerts in Austria: Schönberg Festival in Vienna, Lange Nacht der IGNM at Wiener Konzerthaus (with conductor Dominique My making her Klangforum debut), Osterklang, Klangspuren Schwaz, musikprotokoll, Bregenz Festival, Wien Modern and the Salzburg Festival – International composers workshop at the Arnold Schönberg Center


Gösta Neuwirth portrait concerts in Berlin and Graz – performances in Rome, New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg (Festival Petersburger Frühling focusing on Austria), Bielefeld, at Biennale Neue Musik, Hanover, Tonhalle Zürich, Centre Pompidou, Bregenz Festival, Salzburg Festival and Zeitfluss Festival (performances including Karlheinz Essl portrait concert), Schleswig Holstein Festival, musikprotokoll in Graz (including a celebration of 30 years of musikprotokoll), in Krems, Tage für zeitgemäße Musik Bludenz as well as Wien Modern – Tour of Japan (Tokyo, Osaka; Akiyoshidai-Festival, Theme: Austria 1897–1997) – Sophie Schafleitner (violin) becomes a member.

Klangforum Festival at the Odeon with works by Michael Jarrell, Heinz Holliger, Isabel Mundry, Wener Dafeldecker, Hanspeter Kyburz, Björn Wilker, Wolfram Schurig, Jürg Wyttenbach and Burkhard Stangl – birthday concert for Friedrich Cerha and György Kurtág at Wiener Konzerthaus – international performances in, amongst others: Berlin, Seville, Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Stuttgart, Oslo, Venice, Antwerp, Schleswig Holstein, Saarbrücken, Hombroich, Jerusalem and Witten – concerts in Austia at the Festivals Hörgänge (Vienna), IGNM Festival Vienna, musikprotokoll (Graz), Brucknerfest Linz, International Summer Academy Mozarteum Salzburg (Cerha Portrait), Bregenz Festival (first performance of Georg Friedrich Haas’ opera Nacht) – at the Salzburg Festival concerts as well as music theatre: Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Messiaen’s Quatuor pour la fin du temps in a production by Christoph Marthaler and Anna Viebrock – Sasa Dragovic (trumpet) joins the ensemble


The celebration Ten years of Klangforum Wien is marked with special projects at the Wiener Konzerthaus, in Graz and Witten – Festival Französische Streifzüge at the Konzerthaus with works by Jean Barraqué, Pierre Boulez, Tristan Murail, Olivier Messiaen and Maurice Ravel; Jürg Wyttenbach, Beat Furrer and Sylvain Cambreling (for the first time) conduct Klangforum Wien – portrait of Olga Neuwirth in Bremen (Bremer Podium) – turned matters – into  sound in the Kunst.Halle.Krems – Zemlinsky-project at the Salzburg Mozarteum – further performances in Schaffhausen, Brussels, Ferrara, Berlin, Gotha, Jena, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Bludenz, Donaueschingen, Witten, Essen, Royaumont, Milan, Warsaw, Zurich, Stuttgart, Triest, Huddersfield, Reggio Emilia, Prague, at the Bregenz Festival, Zeitfluss/Salzburg Festival, musikprotokoll and the Biennale in Venice – Lorelei Dowling (bassoon) and Markus Deuter (oboe) join the ensemble



Seventy-eight international concerts – Varèse-Festival (Direction: Arturo Tamayo; Klosterneuburg (Schömerhaus), Wien, Graz, Bratislava) – concert at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris – concert for the 75th birthday of Roman Haubenstrock-Ramati – project Zweite Wiener Schule (Second Vienna School) with Friedrich Cerha – composers seminar "Mouvements – Komposition und Interpretation” in Vienna with Sylvano Bussotti, Peter Eötvös, and Helmut Lachenmann lecturing – Austrian premiere of Zender’s Schuberts Winterreise at the Wiener Festwochen; Tour: Wiesbaden, Berlin and Amsterdam – three concerts at the Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik – Salzburg Festival/International Summer Academy Mozarteum: Mauricio Kagel conducts Klangforum Wien for the first time – two concerts at the Bregenz Festival – Internationale Musikfestwochen Luzern – Warschauer Herbst (Warszaw Autumn) – steirischer herbst – Züricher Tage für Neue Musik – Tage für Neue Musik Stuttgart – Premio musicale Città di Trieste – wien modern: Furrer, Rihm, Feldman – Huddersfield Festival: Debut of H. K. Gruber as conductor of Klangforum Wien – Bernhard Zachhuber (clarinet), Dimitrios Polisoidis (viola) and Marino Formenti (piano) become ensemble members

More than 60 performances in Austria and the world – project Klangnetze at Wiener Konzerthaus – concerts in Cuenca (Spain), Barcelona, Venice (Biennale Festival), Stuttgart (Kammertheater), Rome (Nuovi Spazi Musicali), Salzburg (Zeitfluss/Salzburg Festival), Frankfurt (Alte Oper), Graz (musikprotokoll; first collaboration with Arturo Tamayo at the Festival Farben der Seele), Bologna, Triest, Lugano, Berlin (Insel Musik) – Première of Olga Neuwirth’s Lonicera Caprifolium – Austrian premiere of George Lopez’s Blue Cliffs – Scelsi-Tour: Brucknerfest Linz, Tage für Neue Musik Bludenz, Graz and Bratislava – Zender-Tour: Hans Zender conducts Klangforum Wien for the first time, in Bratislava, Wien and Brussels; works by Boulez, Essl, Zimmermann and Zender – Johannes Kalitze makes his debut as conductor of Klangforum Wien at the Konzerthaus (with pieces by Lachenmann, Billone and Kalitzke) – Christoph Walder and Björn Wilker become members of Klangforum Wien

Twenty-two concerts in Austria and abroad – from August Peter Oswald leads Klangforum Wien; the foundations for a year-round, internationally operating ensemble of soloists are laid – world premieres and Austrian debut performances of works by Wolfgang Rihm on the occasion of the Kocherscheidt Exhibition at the Secession – guest performances in Budapest – collaboration at the Graben Festtage under the motto Entartete Musik with works by Toch, Krenek, Schulhoff, Eisler, Schmidt, Hindemith, David und Webern – three concerts at Wien Modern (Kühr, Schwertsik, Henze) – guest performances in Duisburg with pieces by Cerha, Apostel, Ligeti, Schreker, Essl, Haubenstock-Ramati, Winkler, Furrer, Webern, Schönberg, Stankovski, Gadenstätter, Neuwirth, Schurig, Haas, Ligeti, Ablinger and Herndler – Florian Müller (piano) becomes an ensemble member

Twenty concert performances and two opera productions (Beat Furrer and Olga Neuwirth) – Klangforum Wien constitutes itself as an association with Roman Haubenstock-Ramati and Beat Furrer as presidents – spanish debut in Madrid – Eva Zwicker (later Furrer, flute) makes her ensemble debut – concert performance of Beat Furrer’s opera Die Blinden at the Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, recording released on CD – two single act operas by Olga Neuwirth/Ekfriede Jelinek (Körperliche Veränderungen/Der Wald) at the Wiener Festwochen

Sixteen concerts at the Secession and also at the Vienna Konzerthaus, where an individual series of Klangforum Wien concerts has been held since the 1990/91 season – premiere of Beaubourg Musique by Haubenstock-Ramati – first performances by Gerhard E. Winkler, Christoph Herndler, Roland Faber and Mathias Spahlinger – Guillermo Büchler (violin), Roberto Fabbricciani (flute), Lucas Fels (cello), Ernesto Molinari (clarinet), Philippe Racine (flute) and Marcus Weiss (saxophone) playing, amongst others, works by Mauricio Sotelo, Peter Böhm and Luigi Nono – guest performances in Erlangen – ensemble debuts by Andreas Lindenbaum (cello), Dimitrios Polisoidis (viola) und Andreas Eberle (trombone) – Primavera Gruber becomes manageress of Klangforum Wien in june

The name "Klangforum Wien” appears for the first time in the programme notes on 30th January; at this concert Annette Bik (violin), Donna Wagner and Reinhold Brunner (clarinet) make their debuts – concerts at Secession, in the Schubert-Saal and the Brahms-Saal of the Konzerthaus as well as in the Odeon – music festival for Roman Haubenstock-Ramati on 27th February – Der Magische Klang – ein Fest für Giacinto Scelsi at musikprotokoll in Graz – debuts by Gundelind Micko (now Jäch-Micko, violin) and Benedikt Leitner (cello)

Five concerts at the Secession, one at Theatre Gruppe 80 – Lukas Schiske makes his debut in a percussion programme with pieces by Essl, Liberda, Richard, Cage and Haubenstock-Ramati – Marcus Weiss plays his debut piece by Mauricio Sotelo for solo saxophone – Sylvie Lacroix (flute) makes her debut – in December Marian Vasile (oboe) makes his debut in Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Kreuzspiel

A total of nine concerts, all at the Wiener Secession. For the concert on 18th June extra musicians from the Chamber Orchestra of Europe - who happen to be in Vienna at the time - take part at short notice and enthusiastically accompany Octandre by Edgard Varèse and Palimpsest by Iannis Xenakis – works by the following composers also performed that year: Ablinger, Berio, Birtwistle/de Machaut, Delz, Furrer, Glaus, Globokar, Haubenstock-Ramati, Hölderle, Huber, Ibarrondo, Juon, Kagel, Lachenmann, Lehmann, Liberda, Ligeti, Nono, Roque d’Alsina, Scelsi, Scarrino, Strawinsky, Tower, Varèse, White, Wildberger and Xenakis – ensemble debuts by Lila Brown (viola), Uli Fussenegger (double bass) and Marcus Weiss (saxophone)

First performance given at the Wiener Secession, on the programme for 21st March: works by George Crumb, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Beat Furrer and Kazuo Fukushima – two further concerts in Palais Palffy – one concert as part of the Schweizer Musiktage in the Schubert Saal of the Vienna Konzerthaus

March: meeting of founding members and programme discussion – first concert of the so-called "Societé de l’Art Acoustique” on 13th June in the Palais Liechtenstein, on the programme: Bagatellen für Bläserquintett by György Ligeti, Traktat by Peter Ablinger, Limericks by Pawel Szymanski, Rest zweier tragischer Szenen by Bruno Liberda as well as Music for Mallets by Beat Furrer; performing: Alexandra Bachtiar and Florian Kitt (cello), Christiane Hellmann (flute), Nancy Wu (violin) and the Mallet Trio – second concert on 8th October in the Schubert Saal of the Vienna Konzerthaus with works by Szymanski, Varèse, Furrer, Haubenstock-Ramati and Birtwistle; performers include: Anne Tedards (soprano), Dieter Flury (flute), Mathias Dulack (cello), Christian Ofenbauer (harpsicord), Ernst Reiter (clarinet) – on 14th November at Palais Liechtenstein performance of works by Liberda, Berg, Webern, Debussy and Feldman; then there again on December 12th pieces by Scelsi, Furrer, Huber, Messiaen and Feldman

Klangforum Wien is a soloist ensemble for contemporary music founded in 1985 by Beat Furrer.
A worldwide concert activity with over 80 performances per season take the 24-member ensemble through Europe, the USA and Japan. Starting with the concert season 2018/2019 Bas Wiegers takes over the position of principal guest conductor from Sylvain Cambreling, who remains associated with the ensemble as principal guest conductor emeritus. The Klangforum Wien organises its own subscription series at the Wiener Konzerthaus. Every year the ensemble commissions composers with numerous original and first performances.
Honorary members of Klangforum Wien are Friedrich Cerha, Sylvain Cambreling and Beat Furrer.