Joanna Wozny, Photo: Wladyslaw Magiera

Joanna Wozny

Joanna Wozny was born in 1973 in Zabrze (Poland) and currently lives in Graz. She studied philosophy at the Silesian University at Katowice (Poland) and composition with Gerd Kühr and Beat Furrer (University for Music, Graz) as well as with Younghi Pagh-Paan.

She received various awards and distinctions such as the Österreichische Staatsstipendium, the Andrzej-Dobrowolski-Grant of the Federal Province of Styria, a promotional stipend by the city of Graz, a grant of the Stefan-Batory-Foundation, Warsaw and, in 2010, the prize for composition of the Erste Bank.

Her works were performed at the Ultraschall-Festival Berlin, the Warsaw Autumn, Musikprotokoll Graz (Steirischer Herbst), Klangspuren Schwaz, Mozart-Year Vienna 2006, and SOUNDINGS (Austrian Cultural Forum London). She has worked with the RSO/Radio-Symphony-Orchestra Vienna, the Munich Radio Orchestra, ensemble courage, Trio EIS, Ensemble Wiener Collage, mdi-ensemble Milano, Ensemble PercussioNova, Sascha Armbruster and Ulf Schirmer.

as in a mirror, darkly
The tangible structure and sound form of my work has changed continually in recent years. Besides tranquil pieces in which the material moves in a circular course, there are works in which the complexity of the sounds and their combinations were taken that much further so that clearly more complicated polyphonic and rhythmical textures evolved.

In my new piece for Klangforum Wien I am concerned amongst other things with the aspect of “pollution” such as sometimes occurs on (old) films through dust particles and scratches or that appears if one is looking through scratched glass. In this context, two things were important for me: first the random emergence of these impurities/contaminations (they are not inherent, but so to speak arise); and second the possibility of focusing on this accidental appearance by projecting it into a more or less empty space.

My composition focuses on this random appearance in the form of selective incidents which, distributed seemingly aimlessly, float without connection in space whilst the music itself is as if frozen.
(Joanna Wozny)