Lukas König — Stereogram1

Ostensibly, the piece Stereogram1 (2017) primarily contains a mix of Hip Hop and Contemporary Classical Music. It was influenced by a variety of places, cultures, synthesizers and periods. American Dada-Rap meets sub bass structures, Gamelan rhythms and morphing-textures. Synthetic sound-scapes are mixed with the contemporary sound aesthetics of a low-frequency ensemble to develop new stereograms. The graphic concept of a stereogram is transformed into a form of cross-eyed music which, after a while, evokes something other than the listener has initially perceived.

Exploring deeper layers, after concentrating on one point on the surface, the listener arrives at a perception and performance of flexible time-structures in music, with a special take on an expressive micro-rhythm within repeating patterns, featuring rap, supported by a dark mass of drones and noise. The piece features a special mix of musicians from different backgrounds. The two artists Audrey Chen (voice) and Manu Mayr (electric bass) are teaming up with Lukas König (percussion, synthesizer, voice) forming the group of soloists who will then be joined by an ensemble of 13 musicians from Klangforum Wien, acting as an accompanying large-scale mass of sound.
—Lukas König, 2017

12 April 2018
7.30 p.m.
Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal grenz.wert Genre boundaries UA EA EA

Those who remain within an enclosure of their own can have their peace. Hopefully. Unless, of course, two (or more) souls, alas, are housed within their breast. One can come up against boundaries and their values – unless one simply wants to play with them.

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James Clarke — Ritornelli
Austrian Premiere 
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Austrian Premiere 
James Clarke — Ritornelli
Austrian Premiere
Lukas König — Stereogram1
World Premiere

Audrey Chen, voice
Gerald Preinfalk, saxophone
Manu Mayr, electric bass
Lukas König, drums, synthesizer, voice
Markus Wallner, sound design
conductor: Baldur Brönnimann